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Gummy Mega Mix!

£15.00 excl. VAT
Mega Mix Pack of hemp infused Gummies. Available in an assortment of delicious Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Orange flavour. Approx Net weight 98 g. (contains approx 50 Gummies)


£8.30 excl. VAT
Handy Pack of hemp infused Gummies. Available in delicious Strawberry, Blackcurrant or Orange flavour. Approx Net weight 49 g

Lolly Multipack

£8.75 excl. VAT

CBD Lolly Multi-pack

5 pack of lolly's infused with CBD. Available in Toffee, Strawberry, Lemon, Pear, Banoffee or Assorted flavours Gluten Free.

Sample pack

This is a great way to try EV8Life products before you buy the full size products. Sample pack contents and variations may change dependant on stock availability of products.

Hard Candies

£10.00 excl. VAT
Lemon flavoured hard candies infused with Hemp in a handy pack of 25. A handy way to top up your daily CBD uptake on the go!

Simply CBD Liquid Gold with Turmeric (>2%)

£15.00 excl. VAT
Simply CBD Liquid Gold with Turmeric. A mixture of Rice Bran oil infused with CBD, Double strength Cucurmin Turmeric and Black Pepper.
  • 617mg of CBD per bottle (>2%)
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 20mg CBD per ml
  • NOW WITH 15000mg Turmeric per bottle
  • 24mg Turmeric per drop
  • 480mg Turmeric per ml


£2.00 excl. VAT
Every Ev8Life Hemp infused CBD Lolly is handmade with natural flavours and colours. They are also are infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Paste during the preparation process. A fabulous way to increase your CBD levels on the move. Available in mouthwatering Strawberry, Pear, Toffee, Banoffee or Lemon flavour. Gluten Free.

Simply CBD Green Herbal Drops (2.6%)

£6.00 excl. VAT
Simply CBD Green is a perfect starter oil for someone looking to get going with CBD. It contains 2.5% of pure hemp extracted CBD and therefore around 1.25mg of CBD per drop.
  • 2.6% CBD per bottle & 2.0% CBDa per bottle
  • 1.29mg CBD per drop & 1.0mg CBDa per drop
  • 26mg CBD per ml & 20mg CBDa per ml

Milk Chocolate Bar

£10.50 excl. VAT
Treat yourself to our delectable Milk Chocolate Bar infused with CBD. Perfect at any time of the day to top up your CBD uptake on the go.

Hembis Balm Stick

£9.00£17.50 excl. VAT
EV8Life Hembis Balm Stick is handmade with our unique Hemp Coconut Oil Infusion and Bee's Wax (from Happy Bee's!) which we combine with our delectable mix of Essential Oils. We blend our Coconut Oil which ensures a range of Vitamins and Omega oil's are available in our Hembis Balm. EV8Life Hembis Balm Stick is available in 2 sizes. A handy portable 15ml stick or larger 30ml size stick.

Hembis Balm Tins

£10.75£20.75 excl. VAT
EV8 Life Hembis Balm is handmade with a blend of Coconut Oil and Bee’s Wax. We infuse our Coconut Oil. This ensures a range of Vitamins and Omega oil’s are available in our Hemp Balm. Our Hemp Balm Tin is available in 2 sizes. A handy portable 20ml tin or larger 50ml size tin.

Sugar Free Lolly

£2.50 excl. VAT
Sugar Free lolly infused with Hemp. Available in Blackcurrant and Cherry flavours.